Front Line to Front Office, LLC is the holding company of businesses impacting military lifestyle, such as,, and Front Line for Change Foundation.

Front Line to Front Office is here to act as a resource for those who are serving and have served. Let us have a common goal to work toward. The different branches of the military working together can make change, not just on the front line, but on the home front, to make the American dream possible.
 mce_href= is an online marketplace where Active Duty Members, Reservists, and Veterans can receive discounts on service and merchandise from locally owned businesses. Active Duty Service Members, Reservists, and Veterans give this country the freedom to be what we are. While the discounts will never match the service you have given, it is a show of support for you from those of us who you protect.

Our vision, properly named Savings for the Brave, is on an endless pursuit to support Active Duty Service Members, Reservists, and Veterans and to give thanks for the sacrifices that you have made and will make.

Please sign up today for your free membership. You will be surprised at the number of businesses that want to say "Thank You."

FrontLine–University develops programs and partners with colleges to have a greater outreach and better resources for students who are Veterans. FrontLine-Univesity’s first program is FrontLine to Small Business Certificate Program, a class for those military veterans who want to start a small business. It will build upon foundations instilled in the military, which are also mandatory principles for operating a successful small business: self-discipline, accountability, and delegation, among other traits.

FrontLine to Small Business Certificate Program coursework will include learning how to set up a business and will educate students in the steps required to receive financing for their enterprises. Small classes of 25 or fewer students will guarantee the highest possible focus for all who participate. Help from experts specializing in different aspects of business such as marketing, accounting, legal matters, and more will be available.

Just as in business and the military, FrontLine to Small Business Certificate Program will be highly competitive; the top student will receive a $1,500 award toward their business. Students will receive the financial and business guidance they need and by the end of the class will have developed their own business plan. The course will also be available online later this year, so members of the military all over the United States and around the world will be able to take advantage of this empowering opportunity.


The mission of Front Line for Change Foundation is to promote Veteran entrepreneurship and vocational and skilled training for transitioning military members.


Military members will be given an opportunity to submit business plans, and the individuals with the best business plan will be invited to present their business to a panel of judges. The most promising venture will receive a grant to begin their business. Though many may not be at that point, Front Line for Change Foundation will provide resources and mentors to help with the process of starting and running a business. Our second focus will be transitioning military members back into the civilian workforce, as this can sometimes be an overwhelming transition. We provide resources such as what courses should be taken to upgrade, what are employers in their industry are looking for, and how military experience can be transferred to the business world.

If you are interested in volunteering and making a difference in the life of a Service Member, go to the "Contact Us" tab and let us know how you would like to contribute.